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    Carp Rods, Are They The Best Rod For Sea Fishing?

    I have seen many people use many different kinds of equipment in various fishing environments. The equipment you use depends on your preferences as well as the level of comfort you have, and some rods are better for some environments. There are many people that like carp rods a lot for many different conditions and […]

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    Are Fixed Spools The Best For Boat Fishing?

    When you are choosing a reel for fishing, you have two primary choices. You can either go with a multiplier reel or a fixed spool reel. On a boat, you are more likely to find the former. But what if you are going on a boat fishing trip and find that you don’t have a […]

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    Are Earthworms Valuable Bait for Sea Fishing? You Need to Know These Tricks.

    For many fishermen, the common earthworm is the first bait we learn to fish with. Maybe your dad or grandpa took you out the first time and helped you bait your hook with a fresh, wriggly earthworm. If you live near and mostly fish in freshwater, it’s probably never occurred to you to wonder if […]

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