The Best Types Of Fishing Rods You Must Know

Are there many types of fishing rods? The answer is how many styles of fishing, how many types rod respectively. Each manufacturer has its own strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, they are in an effort to bring users the most suitable products for different financial conditions. Let’s discover some kinds of rod in the world!

fishing rod1Fly fishing rod

Fly fishing rods are very thin and highly elastic. They are designed to cast the lures, or fly bail such as fake flies, fake nymphs, the type of fur, feathers attached hooks attached. Most modern fly fishing rods are made from fiberglass glass or carbon fiber composite. Instead of using heavy weight lures, fly fishing rods make advantage of the weight of fly fishing line to cast lures.

Each rod has appropriate size for each type of fish. Fishing line with a diameter larger and heavier use to cast heavier and larger prey species.

 Spey fishing rodfishing rod2

‘Spey cast’style requires a long and weight rod.Early Spey rods were very heavy, made of green-heart wood of South America, with a length of 20 feet (about 6 meters). Today, Spey rod is lighter and shorter. The rod is use to cast the freshwater trout (Trout), the type of sea trout as Steelhead or Salmon.

If you are a beginner to use the rod, the advice is to use line matching with the rod, and string length of 15 meters, and of course, to have both line leader and bait.

fishing rod3

Spinning fishing rod

The spinning fishing rod with a length of 1.5 to 2.6 m or longer, is made of carbon fiber, fiberglass or PVC synthetic fibers. Along the rod, there are 5-8 eyelets that help to control the fishing line. Unlike a bait casting rod, a spinning rod has eyelets under body rod. The spinning fishing rods are widely used in trolling fishing style.

Sea fishing rodfishing rod4

Sea fishing rod is designed to knock-out fish the terrible fish living in the ocean. The rod has no more than 4 meters in length; the body rod is thick, big eyelets, heavy handle. The rod is often used for fishing in the sea for the purpose of sports. The rod is designed to cast terrible fishes such as swordfish, shark of course, along with the heavy equipment.

fishing rod5Ice fishing rod

A spinning rod is very short, with only about 61-91 cm in length, used to fish in the surface of ponds.

There are many kinds of fishing rods corresponding to the style of fishing in the world. Want to choose the appropriate rod, buyers must know the type of fish they want. In addition, it is fishing area: nearshore or offshore. To have more helpful information about all the fishing sector in general and the best fishing rod in particular, please click here and read more. Here there are a number of type of fishing equipment for you. Choose a suitable fishing rod yourself and go fishing!

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