How to maintain a spinning reel

Maintenance of a fishing reel

Maintenance of a fishing reel enables us to lengthen the life span and improve the quality of the reel as well.

This is an important action to keep the reel in good operation. Spend time on taking care of your reel,you will experience good moment with your own reel.maintenance spinning reel

Before disassembling, you should have a detailed design of the reel. It supports us to know thoroughly about the specifications in the fishing reel without facing with any troubles. You also need some specialized tools such as screws and keys which fit the size of the screw nuts. With damaged screws, you will find it difficult to maintain next time because it is not easy to find out the screws to replace in all stores except the reel of famous brands. Assembling or disassembling a fishing reel can be carried out in a simple way. You just need to pay attention to some points. Be careful to disassemble the head of the rotor because the helix used to lock the head of the rotor into the main axle is opposite. You have to “screw in” instead of “screw out”.

Frequency of maintenance  of fishing reel

  • Frequency of maintenance  of fishing reel depends on your fishing techniques and frequency of use./ To get the best result of maintenance, we need to maintain the reel at the second level at least twice a fishing season. Firstly, you wash up the gear of the main axle and apply oil on other parts. When it is out of the fishing season, the reel needs to be maintained at the second level-more comprehensive level. The whole reel is disassembled including gears, ball bearing, galet, drag,… to replace oil and grease. You can use gasoline to wipe the mental parts except the industrial bleach. It does harm to the parts of the reel as well as your heath. A small brush with hard feather is useful for washing. All the part of the reel will be put into water then they will be dried with a cotton cloth. At the second level, we can clean up the ball bearing. We can apply some steps for cleaning up them without scratching them.
  • Prepare a plastic box with a lid, a round chuck of wood which is as high as the box. The diameter of the chuck is smaller than the box to allow the ball bearings to run around the wood.
    Pour water into the box with the height of one centimeter. Then put the ball bearing across the wood, close the lid and shake in some minutes. After that, change the water and repeat this three times.maintenance 2
  • We move onto the next phase: apply oil and grease on the parts of the reel. The oil and grease used for cars or motorbikes is not suitable for a fishing reel because it is very strong. You had better to use the oil for small technical tools. The parts need applying grease on the place that is easy to wear such as ball bearing, gears. The oil is used for lubricating some parts such as the handle, anti-reserve handle, pick-up…. Remember that you just need a moderate quantity oil and grease, which avoids being attracted by dust. When reassembling the reel, screw nuts and screws need to be installed carefully. Put them into right positions then screw in tightly. You ought to carry out the maintenance process without disturbing to reduce the risk of missing spare parts.

Despite of the high quality of your reel,you cannot ignore the maintenance of the fishing reel. It will help your reel run smoothly and be durable. Choosing a good spinning reel makes the maintenance more easily. You can go to Spinning reel center to learn more and choose the best spinning reel  for yourself. I hope that you will have a good time when you go fishing with your own reel.

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