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    Shimano Curado E Fishing reels
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    Shimano Curado E Reels are ultra smooth and make casting effortless and especially it is low price

    Are you a weekend warrior or a tournament angler looking for the best fishing experience? There are definitely many factors that would champion a great experience for either of the two; but one key factor is having the best fishing reels. And when it comes to the best of fishing reels, Shimano Curado E Reels offers the best impression: They are the mark for excellence in workhorse reels for battling fish day in day out the whole year round.

    In these modern times, you need the finest and smoothest reels for your fishing escapades. The Shimano Curado E Reels have already received abounding praise for their guaranteed reliability and egornomics.

    Buying a Shimano Curado E Reels not only guarantees having an exceptional fishing experience but also guarantees your comfort, and greater comfort ensures better control.  This gadget is light making the casting experience effortless, yet it exudes such power in fishing that really baffles even the experts.

    You can be assured of great performance and power from the least of the versions that come with better ability to fish in larger plugs and swim-baits than you would normally have. They offer remarkable casting distance!

    So whether you are planning a weekend out in the waters or you want to battle it out with the greatest of anglers-Shimano Curado E Reels are the best investment to give you an edge to sprint to successful fishing.

    Features of Shimano Curado E Reels

    Shimano Curado E Reels is a great brand that bears the mark of excellence. And though there are varieties to the name, they all bear the same comfort, power, performance, lightweight, reliability and ergonomics that one would envision for their treasured ShinamoCurado E Reels. As a matter of fact even those versions that would appear inferior, have been found to perform beyong expectations.

    The populous Curado has enhanced its product and has now downsized the body of its creations, upsized the gearbox and increased the bearing count. The end product is a much smaller and lighter reel but one that is up to its task. The high efficiency gearing (HEG) ensures that the reel is clean and flex free for retrieval. And even when the reel is under heavy load, it is able to maintain performance over the long haul because of the shielded S A-RB® ball bearing which is found at the reel’s heart.

    Some of the versions for the ShinamoCurado E Reels include the following; Curado 100, 200 and 300. The 200E Reels come in 7.0:1 high speed or 5.0:1 power version for those that are right handed.

    The following are particulars for the Shinamo Curado E 300 series reels.

    Item name
    Line retrieve for every crank
    Gear ratio
    Max. Drag
    Shimano Curado CU300E Reel
    10.5 oz
    High 6.2:1
    15lb; full
    ShinamoCurado CU301E Reel
    10.5 oz
    High 6.2:1
    15lb; full
    ShinamoCurado CU300EJ Reel
    11.5 oz
    High 6.9:1
    15lb; full

    Other features found on the Shimano Curado E Reels

    • The rugged frame is made of one piece aluminium frame with a side plate
    • A7075 aluminum Magnumlite® spool for the rugged frame
    • Titanium line guide
    • Variable break system
    • Dartainium® drag. 6+1 bearings.
    • Pinion gear support system
    • Supper stopper II that has an assist stopper.
    • Shimano Curado E reel has High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
    • S A-RB® ball

     Benefits to customers

    With constant and prolonged usage of a reel, especially when made of plastic, it is bound to wear and tear. But this reel offers great durability and smoothness and can go for three years without any damage. Can you imagine the disappointment that comes with the stripping of the gear when you are fighting with the big fish, this real does not have such disappointments.

    For an angler who spends much time in the waters fishing, this tool offers great comfort for the body so that there is less strain as the reel is light and comfortable offering great efficiency and effectiveness.

     Advantages of Shimano Curado Reel E

      1. Unmatched strength/power and performance; the high efficiency gearing (HEG) makes use of a solid 1-piece frame, side plate construction and advanced componentry which eliminates flex that could be in the drive-train.
      2. Instant hook-setting power. Shimano Curado Reel E contains a Super Stopper. This is exclusive for Shimano Curado Reel E that works as an instant anti-reverse system. It is constructed with a one-way roller bearing which serves to eliminate any back-play
      3. Smooth and powerful retrieve. The testimony of every angler or anyone going fishing is that the Shimano Curado E Reels have been smoth and powerful.
      4. Value for your money; you will definitely notice that Shimano Curado E Reels are going at a higher price when compared to others in the market. You can be assured that you are getting value for you money as each material and skill used in making it is valuable.
      5. Less fatigue; even when the fishing sport is one of the most enjoyable ones, every human being is bound to exhaustion after a whole day in the seas. The Shimano Curado E Reels however offer great comfort is light in weight and efficient. You are less likely to be exhausted when compared to using other reels.


    How does the Shimano Curado Reel E work

    Precisely how does this tool work to achieve the much praised smooth, powerful and comfortable feel? Here is how it works. There are clutch elements which are held together to precise alignment by super free-this is a pinion gear that is supported by bearing. This eliminates any friction that may arise in the spool shaft during casting.

    The Quick Fire® II then enables for easy casting. At this point the clutch bar disengages from the spool making the line to free-spool and is only slowed by the braking setting. When the handle is turned, the spool reengages quickly. The presence of Fluidrive® gearing only serves to affirm that the gear-cutting process was to accommodate very high tolerances and control in a bid to ensure powerful retrieve and very smooth operations.

    It is important to read through the manual that comes with the Shimano Curado Reel E so that you are able to get more details on how it works and how you are able to maintain it in a proper condition to achieve maximum durability.


    Some of the earlier versions may not offer the same satisfaction as the later versions. Kindly evaluate all versions to get your preference.

    Customer Score

    A majority of customers who bought Shimano Curado Reel E had a fantastic experience with many giving it a five star rating.

    Some of the key areas that received popular rating include; its smoothness and ease of casting, durability, power and performance, efficiency and effectiveness. Here is a caption of customer ratings on Amazon.


    Unmatched power/strength and performance; Instant hook-setting power; Durable; Smooth and powerful Cost effective


    Some of the earlier versions may not offer the same satisfaction as the later versions



    Want to buy one of the best Shimano Curado E Reels?

    Shimano Curado E Reels make for undoubtedly the best fishing reels one could ever have. It is important to get to try them out so as to get the feel of smoothness, power and great performance all coming at a great price. The Best Shimano Curado E Reels can readily be found at Amazon

    We are sure to keep you updated on Shimano Curado E Reels and also have you get more interesting information here! Look forward to your next visit for more fun related information on fishing. See you soon! 

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