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    Simple and Effective Ways to Catch Saltwater Fish

    Where to Find Saltwater Fish

    Saltwater fish are a different breed to your regular lake and river fish because they live in a completely different environment to each other. Therefore the behaviour, feeding habits and general characterisms are quite varied in both the fish and in also how we go about preparing and catching them. In today’s article we wanted […]

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    How To Catch Rainbow Trout In Shortest Time

    Fishing Tip 7: Landing Your Trout

    North America is rich with trout and perhaps out of all the fish up North these rainbow trout species are the easiest to catch, not just because they happen to be the most common but for other reasons we are about to talk you through in our top ten countdown. In terms of size, the […]

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    The Best Tips To Successful Catfish Fishing

    Tip Number 2: How to Hold a Catfish

    Catfish can grow to be absolute monsters of our lakes and one of the biggest questions that gets asked is ‘how can I increase my chances of catching them?’ because after all they are one of the more aggressive and hard hitting of fish out there. Well, you happen to be in luck because we […]

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    Spinning Reel Black Friday vs Cyber Monday 2015 !

    Are you looking for the best deals for spinning reel Black Friday 2015? Stop looking and instead, consider the ten models that are mentioned below. These models have been evaluated on the basis of their design and performance, as well as feedbacks from their users in the past. You can be confident that choosing any […]

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    Best Saltwater Fishing Tips You Really Need To See

    Saltwater fishing is a completely different game to any other type of fishing you are used to, so rather than sitting at the edge of a river casting your line into a stream you will be doing it from a fishing vessel in the ocean or on the shore, which is also known as surf […]

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