Fishing Tips for Rivers: How to Catch Big Fish

Fishing Tips for Rivers: How to Catch Big Fish

When it comes to river fishing there are lot of tips and tricks that you can learn in order to make your fishing tip a success. From the type of fish you can expect to find, to the different variety of baits that play a major role in helping you along the way, we wanted to give you our best fishing tips whether you are looking to catch trout, chub or everything in between/

One thing that you have to remember is all rivers are different, some are fast flowing, some are slow moving, and almost all are shaped differently with a variety of different shelters by the shoreline.

Let’s get stuck into our top tips:

Tip 1 – Look for the Sheltered Places

Look for the Sheltered Places

Our biggest tip is to look for calm areas of any river that you are fishing in as these are popular places for weeds and other shelters that fish will use in order to rest or hide from the sun. Where there are weeds, there are plenty of big fish to be found, one species in particular is the largemouth bass that we spoke about a few articles ago.

Likewise, any backwaters that don’t have heavy currents are a popular place for finding fish that inhabit the creeks and tributaries that run off the main river flow.

Failing those ideas you can keep a look out for an overhanging trees, as these are usually another great place to see fish in shelter.

Tip 2 – Speak to the Locals

Speak to the Locals

You can’t get much better advice and guidance than talking to the locals, especially if you are out of town and have no idea about the river you want to fish in. Head to a local bait shop and ask questions on what bait they use, how the weather affects the location of the fish in that area, and get some information on what times are usually the best to get catches.

If you prefer, you can even talk to fellow anglers that are up and down the river in order to get the same kind of information. Usually hearing tips from the horse’s mouth is the best way of adapting yourself in a new location on a new river.

Tip 3 – Trick the Fish With Live Bait Bouncing

Trick the Fish With Live Bait Bouncing

You will be surprised just how effective this tip is. You will need to hook yourself up with some live bait and then bounce it off the bottom of the river bed, in the direction of the current to make it look as natural as possible. The fish will be tricked into going for it, and then you have your catch.

Never bounce it against the current though, as that just won’t work or look natural enough.

Tip 4 – Fish with the Right Colors

Fish with the Right Colors

The next tip is to think about your color of bait, now there are many baits you can use for different types of fish so we won’t go into that here, but we do want to look at how color plays a major part (especially for carp).

Usually red and yellow baits prove to increase success rates, as they attract the fish down to the river bed, and in weirs and locks it can be a real advantage.

Tip 5 – Use X-Ray Vision

Use X-Ray Vision

Well not quite x-ray vision but by using a pair of polarized glasses you can actually see through the water and thus, you will be able to see the fish that you want to catch. Of course this method doesn’t work all the while it does depend on the river you are fishing in and what the weather is doing, but give this tip a try and see if it helps save you a bit of time from having to search for fish.

If you do try this, then make sure to get a decent pair of polarized glasses to give you the maximum chance of seeing the fish.

Above all, just make sure that you remember that river fishing can be dangerous with the different types of currents and depths. Take into account that other anglers and fishermen are using the river as well so be careful where you are casting and what equipment you are leaving in the open.

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