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How to practice fishing at home

Why practice? We know that a practice makes perfect. Getting prepared properly and practice your fishing skills at your backyard will improve your confidence and fishing skills before the real game. Keep It Real Even when it’s practice, make it as real as possible. Use real equipment so that you got the authentic feeling and […]

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How To Fish In The Sea

Compared to freshwater fish,saltwater fish is much more in terms of category and quantity. The speed and strength to fish marine fish are very large, so fishing in the sea is considered to a thrilled sport. Currently, the movement of fishing in the sea is lively than ever before. Many people like to go to […]

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How to maintain a spinning reel

Maintenance of a fishing reel Maintenance of a fishing reel enables us to lengthen the life span and improve the quality of the reel as well. This is an important action to keep the reel in good operation. Spend time on taking care of your reel,you will experience good moment with your own reel. Before disassembling, […]

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How to choose the best fishing rod

It is necessary to make attractive bait as well as select the proper location to fish. Besides, the best fishing rod for your demand is a determining factor for the success of fishing. Therefore, buying a fishing rod also need to be focused on. The better the fishing rod is, the more fishes you catch. […]

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The Best Types Of Fishing Rods You Must Know

Are there many types of fishing rods? The answer is how many styles of fishing, how many types rod respectively. Each manufacturer has its own strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, they are in an effort to bring users the most suitable products for different financial conditions. Let’s discover some kinds of rod in the world! Fly […]

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