What Is the Cost Of A Fishing License In California?

If you are looking for a state that is filled to the brim with amazing fishing spots, you need to look no further than California. If you are lucky enough to live in California, then you already know the glory of the unique and interesting fishing spots. If you live outside of California, you may want to travel to the state to try out some of the fantastic fishing you will find there. I know California is one of my favorite destinations for fishing trips.

To fish in California, there are things you need to know. To keep yourself protected you should be aware of the fishing laws, and buy the correct licenses so that you are not in violation of the law. So I have put together h some information that will help you get the proper licenses so that you can fish legally.

How Much Does A License Cost?

If you are a sports fisherman you, have a few options. If you are 16 years old or older, you will need a license, and the licenses apply to all fish on inland and ocean waters. Some species require special fees on top of the normal cost of the fishing licenses. You may also encounter different costs and eligibility in California depending on your residency status.


For instance, if you are 16 years old or older, and a resident, you are eligible for a residential sports fishing license, and this license costs about $47. For non-residents over the age of 16, you can get a nonresident sports fishing license for $126. The cost increases greatly if you are not a resident of california as you can see. If you happen to be a disabled or recovering veteran, you can get quite the discount on the fishing license. You can expect to pay around $7 for a fishing license if this applies to you. Sporting licenses are free for low-income Native Americans, and those with disabilities.

Short term sports licenses are cheaper because they are based on the time that you will be fishing. A one-day sports fishing license is about $15 and allows for one specific day of fishing. A two-day fishing license costs approximately $24. The step above two-day licenses is ten-day licenses and cost about $47. These are usually licenses that nonresidents would get if they are interested in a short-term sports fishing trip.

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On top of these base costs there are additional fees that will allow you to do more things, and give you more options. It is about $5 to give you an open ocean enhancement. This will give you the ability to fish in the ocean waters south of Point Arguello. For an additional $15 on your fishing license, you can have two rods when fishing on inland waters. This does not cover two people, but one person that has two rods or two lines active at once.

There are also additional fees for specific fish if you are looking for fishing for. For example, sturgeon will cost you an additional $8. Each person can only get one sturgeon report card each year. A salmon addition cost $6, and a steelhead report card is $7. You can even get a report card for spiny lobster, and that will cost $9.

If you don’t want to apply for a license each year, you can purchase a lifetime fishing license. The cost changes depend on the age you buy the lifetime fishing license. If you get a lifetime fishing license between the ages of 0 to 9, it costs $517. Between the ages of 10 and 39, the cost of a lifetime fishing license is $844. The price drops again to $761 between the ages of 40 and 61. The price drops even more above the age of 62 to $517.


There is an enhancement that you can add to your lifetime license. This enhancement is called the fishing privilege package. This package adds a second-rod stamp to your lifetime license as well as a salmon and steelhead report card. This package will cost an additional $350 on top of your lifetime license.

If you are looking to do commercial fishing, residents will pay $137, and nonresidents will pay the same. You can acquire various stamps on your commercial fishing license that allow you to fish for specific kinds of fish. These tend to range between $50 and $100 depending on the fish you are looking to fish.

Get On The Water

California has some of the best fishing in the country. If you are a resident, you can get a good price on fishing licenses. You may have to pay more if you are a nonresident, but it is well worth the money to get the license. There are additional elements that you can add to your license, and you may need to get report cards for specific fish. It is well worth it, though. You can even get single day licenses or lifetime licenses.

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