6 Reasons You Need To Fish A Golf Course Pond.

I know of many different kinds of fishing, but am always open to hearing about new avenues to explore. So when I heard about golf course fishing, I was intrigued. I am always in for finding a new place that I can cast out and pull in some fish. After I had done my research, I figured that it was something that I should share with you.

Fishing on a golf course pond is an interesting experience that you may love. Check out these reasons that you should give golf course fishing a chance.

Reasons You Should Fish A Golf Course Pond

#1 Classy

Golf courses have a good sense of class and elegance. If you are looking to fish, but still keep it a bit classy, you should dress up and head to local golf course. You, of course, should check with the regulations of the golf course to make sure they allow fishing, but they are more likely to let you onto the grounds if you are dressed well. So remember not to wear your standard fishing gear, get some more high-end clothes on and go out to relax on the manicured grounds of the golf course.

The times I have gone in my nice outfits, the management were very friendly to me and helpful. I figured they would be at least be disrupted that I was there, but they were more than welcoming and helpful.

Golf, green, grass.

Now, I don’t mean that you have to dress to the nines, in a tuxedo with tails, but a presentable shirt and some nice pants and you should be right in the right place to get to fishing on the course.

That being said, it is always best to get the OK beforehand, so you don’t just assume the space is open for fishing. It is never a good feeling to get kicked out of a spot.

#2 Small pond

When you cast into a golf course pond, you get a silent and personal feel. You are on a small and intimate pond where you can just absorb the entire atmosphere and experience it. You can cast to the other side of the pond and fish right off the bottom. In just a few casts, you should be able to feel the effect of the minimal size of the venue.

#3 Privacy

I know there have been many times when I go out to my favorite fishing haunt to only have another fisherman set up, fishing my waters. Sometimes it seems like all the best spots have been discovered by a number of fishermen looking for a good catch. This does not appear to be true at golf courses.

You will likely not be bogged down by other fishers taking up your spots on the small pond at the local golf course either. Not many people think to go out to the golf course to fish. Every time I have gone, I have been the only one out there with my worm and rod.


I don’t know if people are afraid of being hit with the stray golf ball, or they just don’t think about the local golf course as a viable place to cast out. Either way, I am glad that it seems to be a well-kept secret.

This privacy can help you focus on the fishing without having to worry about what other fishermen are doing around you.

#4 Population density

These holes are great places to fish. If the pond is well stocked and in good condition, the population density will be in your favor. You will be able to pull in a number of decent sized pond fish and keep casting out and pulling them back in. In a well-maintained golf course pond, you will have very little trouble getting bites.

It is not uncommon to pull in upward to twenty-five to thirty fish in one day at a golf course fishing hole. You can sit there all day and have a full day of pulling in fish after fish.

#5 Practice

Now when you fish in a small pond like this, you should have some decorum and toss back your catches. The population of these spaces is limited even if the density is high. It would be a shame if a good fisherman whipped out the entire population of a small pond in a single afternoon.

That being said, these fish still give great practice. If you are looking to just toss some bait out and drag in some fish to keep your skills sharp, or work on the muscle memory and hone your abilities a small pond like this is the perfect spot.


Credit: Golftripper.com

#6 Cheap

Going out to a prime fishing spot can end up costing a great deal of money. You need a good amount of resources to set up and execute a trip to the best fishing places. My favorite fishing spot in the world is miles away, and it can be a large time and money commitment to getting out there to fish. If I am short on both, I would prefer the ease of heading out to the golf course with a simple rod and bait.

Simple Fishing

There are plenty of places to go for fishing. Why would you ever consider the trek through your local golf course to cast out? Well, there are plenty of great reasons that will have you grabbing your pole and heading out soon. They are classy spots that have very little competition. Golf course ponds seem to be well-kept secrets that are not overly populated by other fishermen. They have a high density of fish that are great for practice. While you should toss them back, it can help you keep your skills sharp. It is also much simpler to go out to the local golf course than many other locations that may be more difficult to get to.

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